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The Motorola XT301 Comes In Colors

If you can believe it, Motorola is creating a smartphone in more than just boring black. It is the Motorola XT301. Getting your hands on this smartphone will be a surprise. Those who are familiar with most handsets from Motorola know that they are characteristically devoid of color choices.

The Motorola XT301 can be had in blue! Good on Motorola. The size is smallish, and will favor a pocket or purse. The height is 104 millimeters, and the thickness is 15 millimeters. For readers from the United States, that is 4.1 inches tall by .59 inches thick. There is no manual keyboard, so the virtual keyboard on the display will need to be used for typing messages or email.

Motorola XT301

The screen for the Motorola XT301 is three inches in size. It is one of the few with this size of a display. Nevertheless, it has a full set of features. Some of them include an accelerometer, proximity sensor, touch sensitive controls and multi touch input method.

The user interface for the smartphone is the Motoblur with Live Widgets. This is to jazz up the generic menus in the operating system. Resolution is rated for a below-average 240 by 320 pixels. That means some small letters will be hard to read.

The wireless lineup for the Motorola XT301 is lacking. There is Wi-Fi, but not in the fast “N” mode. This handset handles Wi-Fi up to the “G” mode. There is no EDGE or GPRS, but thankfully 3G data can get up to 153.2 kilobytes per second. This is not a GSM smartphone, so voice data is handled by CDMA networks, similar to Verizon. This may or may not be headed to the United States. The first stop will be China.

An older version of android is running the menus and programs for the Motorola XT301. Version 2.2 is available, but this handset is running 2.1. Android is a free ( as in money ) software that is distributed by Google, the search engine. It has gained popularity in the United States, but not so much in other countries. It currently has around 180,000 downloadable apps ( programs ) in the andriod marketplace. For comparison, iTunes has over 250,000 apps available for their users.

How about the hardware? The Motorola XT301 has a Qualcomm MSM 7625 528 megahertz processor running the show. The upper level models are running at one gigahertz ( 1000 megahertz ), so this handset may have problems with multi tasking. Otherwise, the internal memory is set for 150 megabytes. The RAM and ROM are 256 and 512 megabytes respectively. The camera is a little on the weak side. It is 3.15 megapixels of picture taking power. It does not have flash or auto focus. It does have geo tagging. The geo tagging can be turned off in the menus of the XT301 for security and privacy.

The battery is 1170 mAh, which should give a projected time of seven hours and forty minutes. That is above average. The Motorola XT301 comes with a FM radio and games for entertainment. It is going to be available in China before the end of the year. There is no word on other countries.

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The Result of Too Many Gadgets

Written by Calleigh on December 5, 2010 – 7:58 am -

I am just amazed to realize how today’s kids are far more advance, particularly on gadgets. I have a 2.9 year old son who knows how to play around with my iPad, notebook and iPhone. Sometimes, he had to teach me how to play the games on the iPad. Whew! I guess, am so old school that cannot keep abreast with the technology advancement nowadays.

fixing gadget

Moreover, there was a recent survey conducted in UK that found young kids are better with technology than they were at things such as reading. This is actually not surprising entertaining the idea of “geeks begets geeks”. My tot was using a laptop computer on his own for children video games while he was two. Oh well…

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A Simple Gesture that Brings Hope and Joy

Written by Calleigh on December 4, 2010 – 6:32 pm -

Christmas is fast approaching and I wish to give my love ones and friends an exceptional present that would mean something. Something which seemed not just a present in gleaming pieces of paper. This holiday season, I’ve decided to place a monetary gift or donation to my preferred charitable organization honoring my loved ones and close friends. I did this because I desired to provide them something special that mirrored exactly what Christmas signifies to me.

donation to charities

In my opinion, the holiday season is generally concerning friends and family, and its all about hope, bliss and appreciation. I feel truly fortunate to own this kind of amazing group of friends and family along with the blessing of my health and wellness. This season, I wished to share my appreciation by imparting my blessings to somebody that isn’t as privileged a handful of hope and some bliss.

By making a donation to my favorite charity group, I know that simple gesture could bring kids with an education and learning. I can’t come up with a much better treats rather than that.

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Too Much TV Time for Young Kids is Not Good

Written by Calleigh on December 3, 2010 – 6:53 am -

With the remarkable advancement of media consumption, is there a proper amount of screen or TV time for children at a young age? I’ve continued to believe that whenever we talk about our children and excessive screen time, Television continues to be the main guilty party. However, we could significantly help to minimize the overall screen time by simply turning off that huge HD screen perched down there in the living room.

too much tv time for kids

Quite a few child experts feel that young children shouldn’t always be watching television in any respect, much less experience continuing advertisements bombarded on TV screen. Generally there exists a formidable perception between several parents who thought that a specific amount of educative programs can assist to get kids to become ready for nursery school. On the other hand, some parents have become cautious of the strain to give an early academic treadmill to their little ones and as an alternative, they allow kids to watch television because they simply want them to be joyful.

Imagine the amount of time most of us expends just sitting there and how those TV routines are being instilled in their mind at a very young age. No matter what the rationale is, it seems that huge screens as well as vibrant colors are a powerful tool that fascinate young children today as they and parents are generally even more inclined than in the past to go along.

Sad to say, similar to numerous other activities we do with our children in those early, constructive years, we are putting anticipations as well as instilling habits. As much as the television can be involved, it’s a habitude which our young children find extremely hard to kick.

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Kinect – Tops the List for Christmas Wish List

Written by Calleigh on December 1, 2010 – 9:50 am -

After less than a month of released for Microsoft Kinect sensor for the Xbox 360, the market had gone crazy as this new gadget had sold more than 2.5 million units. The initial sales are double as swift as the iPad and more than twice as fast as the Move, Sony’s rival controller for PS 3.

Microsoft Kinect sensor for the Xbox 360

Needless to say, timing is important. The release of Kinect approached merely three weeks prior to Thanksgiving holiday, Cyber Monday, and also the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. Microsoft company is expecting to sell possibly 5 million devices through the end of 2010, having Kinect at the top of every child’s Christmas wish list.

Kinect includes a selection of additional factors operating in its favor while it aims for the title. Kinect isn’t a platform gadget but a supplemental for the Xbox 360 Console, that comprises a global installed base around 44 million units. Additionally, with the price of $150, the Kinect measures up quite positively with the iPad’s selling price that starts at $499.

The actual test will happen after the holiday seasons have ended. The apple ipad has marketed 4.4 million units for each quarter after its release in early spring of 2010, a fierce stride which Kinect will perform effectively to match up. On the other hand, up to this time being, the ipad tablet is at a category of its own without any real level of competition. In comparison, Sony’s Move – as well as the ongoing rise in popularity of the Wii – continue to be solid competitors for Kinect.

In the meantime, Microsoft along with a legion of suppliers is striving to maintain the marketplace demand. Numerous Best Buy retailers are running out of Kinect while the Amazon.com is now selling units with an introductory price of $212, an extra of 41 % more than its list value.

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The Controversial Airport Pat down Procedure

Written by Calleigh on November 27, 2010 – 2:08 am -

Last week, we flew from Los Angeles to New York to celebrate Thanksgiving with my wonderful sister in law and her family.

airport pat down procedure

After seeing people outburst / boycott involving the latest full-body scans, which have been implemented at air terminals across the US – as well as the improvised pat-downs that associated them – we were fairly pleased to discover that our Jet Blue airport terminal at LAX was basically still utilizing the traditional metal sensors. Nevertheless, we remained cautious about it to ensure there was totally nothing left in our pockets and purses that may trigger a security alarm when we went through.

Lots of folks are clearly worried about the pat-downs, especially when it concerns about kids. Having said that, the L . A . Times posted some helpful information last week, indicating ways on how family members can be ready for what might occur over these controversial procedures.

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My Viewpoint on the Black Friday Madness

Written by Calleigh on November 24, 2010 – 10:34 am -

Probably, the types of the medium that is completely safe during Black Friday rush sales are the likes of video games, Blu Ray players, CDs and DVDs. There are absolutely no “alternate models” or pirated versions for sale at big stores on these products, unless you make your purchase from some folks peddling down the streets.

black Friday madness

Due to that, there’s an apparent worth or significance involving these, and you may instantly determine what you’re spending money on. In the most other respect, do your homework ahead of time and truly consider the importance of your time and effort against the money getting saved. It may be tough to rationalize a whole night hanging around in sub-zero temperatures in order to save $60 over a pile of Blu-ray discs.

The harsh truth, although it’s the fact, consumers will definitely turn up for Black Friday sales. For some people, their own time may be worth a few hundred bucks they’re preserving, in fact, possibly this kind of sale enables them to pay for their loved one’s Christmas gifts. For some individuals, it isn’t about the savings – it’s the customary practice. There are people who connect with their family as they stand in the chilly (based upon where you live) night since you are the alpha patron in the line. This can be as much as an exhibition for a cost-effective shopping power.

I can’t claim that I actually meant to persuade all of you, neither to be judgmental, merely to let you know all that you are, in no little sense, totally crazy as you will never see me standing up in line during Black Friday sales. Whoot.

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A Quick Tip for Thanksgiving Party

Written by Calleigh on November 22, 2010 – 12:46 pm -

This is my quick green tip for those who are planning for a Thanksgiving party. Please try to make an effort to save a tad bit more energy in your stove usage by going raw, going fresh and going light!

Substitute one of your oven-cooked side dishes for any uncooked one. Consider salad in lieu of green beans, or fresh fruits rather than the baked ones. If you end up utilizing your oven, make the most out of your pre-heated time and warm a couple of others prepared food up that require just a little of food preparation.

Make a space for other baked dishes appropriately to share the heat from the oven. Make best use of almost all cooking energy expended, and lastly, have fun with your family and enjoy the celebration. Cheers!

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In Hosting Parties this Holiday Season

Written by Calleigh on November 19, 2010 – 1:03 pm -

This holiday, for sure lots of us are hosting guests and perhaps cooking for a huge meal to accommodate family members. The best thing to do is to plan ahead your shopping trips to save gas and effort.

When making a checklist, make sure to double check it and determining which place to go with the least impacting direction in your car prior to heading off the road. Doing this can save you significantly fewer miles or kilometers! Thinking of doubling the fun? Ask for some other hosting buddy to tag around and split the gasoline expenses. Perhaps you will be able to manage exchanging a few recipe ideas along the way.

In the event, you overlook a specific thing off the list. You can request an arriving visitor to go to a brief stop to get it along the way. Now that’s handy.

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Texting – The New Craze for Kids

Written by Calleigh on November 15, 2010 – 12:09 pm -

I’m constantly surprised about the number of text messages youngsters can send out within a day. Back in our time in which 30 text messages each day was obviously an indication of an over-active social interaction.

However, right now this kind of number may elevate concerns relating to withdrawal and seclusion. Hundreds of texts or higher has become ordinary, and you have to be up close to the 300-a-day mark to be deemed as an “uber-texter” by your friends.

kids texting

Even though most of these figures might sound unbelievably substantial to grownups, give some thought for a moment on just what your children aren’t doing while they’re text messaging. They’re not e-mailing and they’re not making phone calls. In accordance with recent reports, merely around 11 % of teenagers actually make use of an e-mail. Plus, just like any parent of a teenager is aware, call minutes would be the very least of your concerns with regards to creating a household mobile phone plan.

But wait, how might teenagers are likely to manage a hundred or maybe more text messages each day? And doesn’t the rest endure from school homework to valuable sleeping time?

The good news is, very important factor youngsters are truly great at is filtering. Although young children could receive as much as three hundred texts daily, they don’t reply to every one of them. They don’t really consider it wise to text back. They choose which text messages are considered their top concern, and so they are narrowing anything else away.

Furthermore, the very nature of sending text messages helps to keep communications brief and nice. Contrary to grownups that are usually more prone to spell out precisely what they would like to express, young children keep on the conversation to a very least.

Regrettably, numerous moms and dads can’t go beyond the numbers. Only this week, I just read one particular post in which one mom had confiscated her two teens’ cell phones immediately after she found out their monthly text counts had reached to 3,000 or higher. In today’s digital society that’s similar to grounding your children to be popular.

That’s not to imply that generally there shouldn’t be limitations and restrictions. No mobile phones inside the school room or even after going to bed must be the two rules, which can be constantly in place.

However, possibly we shouldn’t end up being way too concerned about numbers. Sending text messages has successfully changed the extended telephone calls many of us used to have with our close friends while we were young. That lengthy chitchat has currently been converted into a hundred or so text messages. It might not become our method of performing things. In contrast, that doesn’t make it a dangerous thing either.

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While Eating Out

Written by Calleigh on October 24, 2010 – 6:46 am -

Dining out is obviously an enjoyable indulgence, yet some people cannot even thoroughly clean their plate. When this happens, ideally you will conclude whether or not to make it to-go or perhaps toss it away. Think it this way: are you going to consume the leftovers afterwards off the premises?


Most people have unconsciously educated themselves to box it up all the time. It might be because we don’t like to waste the food or perhaps affront the cook by simply tossing it out. And yet the latest market research reports that around 45% most of the time, your to-go box will definitely be placed inside the refrigerator and end up being trashed a couple of days later.

I believe it’s not rude to say “It was great, and that I feel full and done.” knowing you will probably be getting rid of an unnecessary to-go box shortly after few days. You’ll help save a paper to-go box and your own self the feeling of guilt.

So every time you eat out and seem not to finish your plate yet obviously enjoy leftovers. Think about taking a tiny container at hand when eating out. Just about all eating places will probably be delighted the fact that they will be able to keep a spare to-go box – not to mention that you simply were so pensive to plan in advance.

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Fix your Gadgets by Checking Ifixit Manuals

Written by Calleigh on September 15, 2010 – 10:24 pm -

Are you aware that the e-waste / electronic waste such as discarded or disposed of useless computers, monitors, electronic devices, television sets, cell phones and so forth are turning up in our trash dumps and polluting our air, water and dirt at an extremely fast growing speed?

In accordance with the Environment Canada, over 150,000 loads of E waste is discarded in Canada alone annually – that’s comparable to the weight of 25,000 full grown elephants. E waste materials contain cadmium, mercury and lead, which happen to be all poisonous to human beings, crops as well as the entire world.

fixing gadgets

Hence what direction we should go? Key in the nifty ” ifixit ” word to make a Google search. Ifixit is actually an online service that provides instructional guides for free about how an average fellow can easily resolve things on their own.

The website offers guides or manuals meant for all the products that start with “i” – such as the pad, the pod, the phone but not only that, it also provides manuals for digital cameras, vehicles, personal computers, nintendos, toaster ovens – and even your Christmas LED lights!

Which means that the very next time you encounter some snag with your gizmos, you don’t need to discard them out but plainly use some little hard work and get a handful of genuine fulfillment in fixing it all by yourself. Additionally, you’ll conserve a bit of green at the same time preserving the earth a lot more cleaner as well.

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The Motorola XT301 Comes In Colors

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